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What A Wonderful Gift!


This Kind of Gift Makes Us Love Our Jobs Even More!

Thank you Adrianna for the wonderful gift of a scrapbook chronicling our relationship over time.  We are happy to take care of not only your pets health but that of your rescue pets as well.  We look forward to sharing many more happy stories together and adding them to this beautiful book!

Alcona Animal Hospital gratitude Adrianna BooneAlcona Animal Hospital Scrapbook scrapbook 2 scrapbook 3 scrapbook 4


Thank You To Tank Adkins Family

We are so honoured to have unbelievably thoughtful clients. Recently one of our clients had to say goodbye to their beloved friendly giant “Tank” and in even in their time of loss, they were so kind as to make a donation to the OSPCA in our name. Thank you for your generosity.

Tank Adkins Donation to OSPCA